23 februarie 2012

Black & White Self Portraits.

Black and white photography it's my favorite one, especially in portraits. So, here are some b&w self-portraits I've made some time ago and some new ones too. 

Basil Soda, Haute Couture S/S 12

Unusual, elegant collection.
Dresses that remind us of the warriors. A stunning, sophisticated cut that is great for a freedom loving lady.
Basil Soda, Haute Couture S/S12

I absolutely love this collection, especially the maxi dresses.  

14 februarie 2012

Happy red, so much red, and fluffy things day!

 I'm sure the topics of today are Valentine's Day and love and all the happy couples will celebrate this day. Happy for them, and wish them all the best!
And how was I celebrating this holiday? Only trying on some clothes and then again, just reading and watching ( for the 3rd time ) FRIENDS. The weather is still so cold and everything grey so maybe this special day will bring up some things alive from the greyness and monotony that is outside... So, my outfit today has a little bit of red too, more coral but my childhood room is filling up the whole picture with this trendy color of today...

Besos! R.